5-4 Volunteer Resources


We try our best to provide our volunteers with everything they need! You can find resources below or on the sidebar to the left.

If you are a troop leader or on a service unit team, make sure that you join your service unit Rally on Rallyhood so that you can access all kinds of local and council resources!

National Program Resources
  • Journeys - the core of the Girl Scout leadership experience
  • Badges - symbols of accomplishment 
  • Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) - the online troop management system with everything you may need, from creative meeting ideas to tracking your troop's finances
Important Online Publications
The Basics

Guides for volunteers working with girls, including Journeys, badges, ceremonies and more

First Five Meetings

These booklets have five sample meetings that you can use with your troop. Feel free to alter the plans to meet the needs of the girls and your troop’s resources. 

Outdoor Opportunities
Health and Safety
Driving Safety
Coming soon!
Online Marketing and Publicity
Resume-Ready Volunteer Position Descriptions