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Help her unleash it at Girl Scouts

Why Volunteer

Help Girl Scouts dream big.

Change-makers. Trailblazers. Explorers. We’re talking about Girl Scouts, of course, but we’re also talking about the people who become Girl Scout volunteers.

Just like the Girl Scouts they guide, volunteers lead with their hearts and bring a playful sense of curiosity to everything they do. Whatever their unique skills or interests, volunteers help Girl Scouts unlock their limitless potential and make a lasting difference in the world.

See for yourself how empowering it is to be a role model. Look for Girl Scout volunteer opportunities near you—whether you’re looking for short-term opportunities or to start a troop of your own, connect with your local Girl Scout council and start making an impact.


Need to know more? Check out different ways to volunteer, see what girls do at Girl Scouts, or find out how to sign up the girl in your life.

Our Promise to Volunteers

We will provide:

  •  a volunteer position description and training
  • an extensive network of resources, contacts, and program ideas and ensure services, materials, and resources are available and accessible
  • current information on upcoming events and activities through newsletters, meetings, and online resources
  • ongoing support, guidance, evaluation, and recognition of your volunteer service.

We will also: 

  • respect your expertise and prior experiences 
  • create an engaging and educational learning experience
  • provide curated information in your educational progression
  • identify connections between your volunteer service and professional skills development.